Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Kids on the Block.. my thoughts

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The newly reunited New Kids on the Block performed on Tuesday morning's The View to promote their first album to be released after being broken up for more than 14 years.
Rucker's Take: You know, just to be clear, this blog isn't just about knocking things that are bad. It just so happens that the last three things I've seen were really bad... Which brings me to this performance by New Kids on the Block, or NKOTB as they are more affectionately known.

Now, I have no recollection of them from childhood, but I guess a modern day comparison would be to say they're like the 90's version of the Jonas Brothers? Apparently they were rather popular. Anyway, I wanted to give them a chance. After all, it's 5 middle aged guys whose post NKOTB careers may not have panned out like they'd wanted. They need this to happen. Maybe. Or maybe they're just "doing it for the fun of it." Ya, whatever.

I'll just say I was flabbergasted by this performance all around. First, Donny for some reason had to lip sync what was probably the simplest part of the song, his mini rap at the very beginning. Yet Joey didn't lip sync his solo, which was actual singing, and the results were less than desirable. I'm not completely positive the five ever really came together and agreed on one exact key. I mean, I don't have to give you a play-by-play, you can see it all for yourself.

The overall emotion this video left me feeling was extreme sadness. Watching them try to do all the dance moves and relive their teenage years was just a little too much to take. It's kinda like when you watch a 98-year-old try to play golf. "I'm just as good as I ever was in my 20's!" they say. And you just smile and nod, pretending like you agree but you just don't have the heart to tell them the truth.

I'm not saying these guys should quit, but instead they could maybe just suspend their musical efforts and pursue other opportunities, together or separately.

Rucker's Rating: Soooo Sad

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Miss Ava said...

Hi, just blog hopping. I agree with you to a certain extent. NKOTB didn't give the best performance on The View but if you think about it, they have never performed perfectly during their live concerts anyway. So, this brings me to thinking, "Wow, they haven't changed at all! I LOVE IT!!"

Moreover, I have to tell you, NKOTB are loved not always for their music but for who they are as people. They've raised a wonderful generation of fans to grow up right. It is for THAT reason that we still love them and not necessarily for their music. Have you listened to their new album? It's not anything groundbreaking but for a group that hasn't done music together in 15 years, I'd have to say this album is their best yet, considering it's so danceable, personal & honest. Check out "Big Girl Now" or "Full Service." Both of those songs are knockin my socks off. They worked very hard on this album and this project has been and should be treated with a lot of respect by fans & critics alike.