Saturday, September 6, 2008

Questions remain on Associated Press writer vetting

When you're a new journalism student going through the strict rules and regulations of writing stories in the proper AP (Associated Press) format and feel like you're a complete idiot who will never quite grasp it, don't worry, the actual AP writers are idiots too.

Exhibit A: The 2nd top story on the AP News iPhone App:Apparently AP Music Writer Nekesa Mumbi Moody doesn't know the difference between "of " and "off" (I'm assuming that she meant to say 'kick off MTV VMA bashes'). And normally I wouldn't be this picky. I do leave a little leeway for writers out there who are forced to pump out stories about Jermaine Dupri parties. But when you're the Associated Press, the self-proclaimed "essential global news network," and the lead torturer of young journalism students' dreams, you subject yourself to closer scrutiny.

Just don't go replacing "your" for "you're" AP.. that'd really make me mad.

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Anonymous said...

AP style... Ughhhhh.

Christina said...

Good catch!