Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Really? Get my sandwich.

While I was waiting at a stoplight this morning, a bus passed in front of me with with a brand new McDonald's ad wrapped around it. I couldn't get a photo quick enough but just picture it in your mind.

~A smirky looking McDonald's worker staring at you from the left with the large caption: I'M WORKING ON MY FUTURE" written across the bus~

The ad reeked of attitude and suggested that the girl might follow up her statement with, "What are YOU doing?" I couldn't help but have the immediate reaction of: Really? Get my sandwich.

This is of course is a famous line, or at least famous in my circle of friends, from Ellen Degeneres's HBO special, Here and Now. She tells a story of how a waitress once told her she had a problem with procrastination, to which she responded, "Really? Get my sandwich."

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE McDonald's; I go there at least twice a week. And I highly respect the food engineers that work there, because, well, how else would I get my delicious and nutritious food in a speedy and hospitable manner? It's just that when I'm really hungry, I care less about the McDonald's girl's future and more about whether or not they took the pickles off of my Quarter Pounder w/Cheese like I asked.

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