Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tonight I'll be in 90210

As I said yesterday, scripted TV is off and running again. I TiVoed the premieres of Prison Break and Gossip Girl as well as the second episode of America's Toughest Jobs. The only one I've gotten to watching so far was GG and I've gotta say: it was a disappointment.

It was my first episode of GG to watch and maybe that was my problem; I didn't know the characters or storylines well enough. But as far as teen dramas go, you usually don't have to know much to at least be entertained. For a premiere episode of any show they usually provide a point of entry for new viewers. That didn't happen with this episode of GG. Overall, it was really pretty boring.So I have higher hopes for the premiere of the newly revamped 90210, another show I've yet to see any episodes of. I'm mainly watching because of all the hype, but who knows, maybe I'll actually enjoy it.

90210's 2 hour premiere starts tonight at 8/7 Central.

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