Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What are you supporting?

One UT student has taken to decorating their bike to show support for presidential candidate Barack Obama.This made me think about myself; what am I supporting when I ride my bike?Apparently Dasani water.

But let me just say: I like all water whether it be Dasani, Deja Blue, Ozarka or Poland Spring. The only water I really don't like is sparkling. That's really my only exception. Sparkling water. Or any colored water. Or those fruity-flavored waters. Vitamin Water is good, but you know some of those store brands that are like "hint of blueberry," that's just weird. Other than that, water is pretty freaking awesome.

So support WATER in 08 everybody! It's the new Obama.

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Logan said...

My question is, then, is WHAT is "water"'s foreign policy? And what kind of experience do they have because I'm not sure if they're ready.

Rucker said...

@logan: Water has incredible foreign policy experience; after all it does border every continent in the world. Water is essential to the survival of all the Earth's people. Have you ever seen rivers of Sprite? Or oceans of grape soda? Or lakes of honey? No.

This is why I support Water in 08!