Saturday, September 13, 2008

And what exactly makes it "Geoffrey's Toys R Us"?

Driving around Austin today, an unusual sight caught my eye:
this Toys R Us.The reason it was unusual to me was two-fold:

1) I didn't know Toys R Us still existed.
2) Why was this one proclaiming to be the giraffe mascot of the store, Geoffrey's Toys R Us, as opposed to the just plain old Toys R Us?
A little Wikipedia-ing later, I found out that the "Geoffrey's" versions of the stores were attempts to make them "Retailtainment" (their word, not mine) locations. "Geoffrey's" stores offered children's clothes in addition to toys, as well as a playground at the front of the store and some sort of activity center called "Studio G."

But surprise, surprise, the "retailtainment" idea didn't exactly pan out and they're all in the process of being reverted back to regular old Toys R Us-es... I could have told you that putting a giraffe in charge of a major retail store wasn't gonna work. But no one asked me...

PS: I know what you're thinking, and the answer is "NO, I don't want to grow up." And "YES, I'm still a Toys R Us kid."

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