Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey Disney: What's going on with this Ryan from High School Musical doll?

My friend Samantha got my friends Logan and Whitney birthday gifts in the form of High School Musical 3 dolls this week. One received Sharpay, the other Troy.But what was more interesting than just Troy's freaky bob haircut was what we found on the back of the box where all the characters' dolls were pictured:Take notice to the doll on the far left. That's supposed to be Ryan. And he/it's wearing a skirt.

Our immediate reaction was to assume that there was maybe some plot line in High School Musical 3 where Ryan discovers his Scottish heritage and decides to wear a kilt to graduation. But there was no such plot line. Ryan never wore a skirt in any form in any part of the movie.
So now it just looks like there were some Private School Barbie uniforms left over that they decided to slap on the Ryan doll instead of, I don't know, making him look like a boy.

There is an Amazon listing for the doll but they are no longer available through actual retailers.

What, umm, what's up with this Disney? What happened here?

Cuz that's just weird.

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Logan said...
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Logan said...

And you know if they had put a skirt on the Troy doll, it just would have been ridiculous.. but they put it on the gayest character in the series. I mean, come on.

Unknown said...

So attractive! What an adorable gift for your friend.