Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Febreze Air Effects: it doesn't JUST freshen air

So we've all had the problem right? Where you go into your bathroom and a colony of tiny ants has mysteriously appeared, marching up and down the tiles in your shower?

Well if you haven't, lucky you. But that's what I came home to when I got back to my apartment in Austin this week.
The problem was that I didn't have any RAID spray or those cool little "ant hotel" traps on hand to get rid of them, so I had to be crafty.

After looking around my bathroom I had several choices:

1) Dump a waterfall of Listerine on the ants-- this could work but would leave an awful lot of sticky, green residue around that I wouldn't want to have to clean up.
2) Smother the ants in face moisturizer-- most likely wouldn't work, and again I'd have to clean up a mess.
3) Spray them with the nearby can of "meadows and rain"-scented Febreze Air Effects.
I went with solution number 3. And by golly, it WORKED.You probably can't tell a difference in this picture from the one above, but just know that all the ants are dead in this one.

SO: lesson learned: you don't need any fancy ant-killing sprays to get rid of a pest problem, just spray them with whatever you've got and it'll probably do the trick.

DISCLAIMER: if you do choose to use Febreze or any other air freshener to take care of a large colony of insects, be aware that your apartment/house will reek of "meadows and rain" for the following two days. Extreme situations may call for the use of gas masks.

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Anonymous said...

You kind of look like Sylar from "Heroes" in that picture. Which is a good thing, don't worry.