Monday, October 20, 2008

Is the Kindle gonna take over the WORLD?

I've had my eye on the Amazon Kindle for quite some time now. I just can't justify spending nearly $400 on it when that itself would buy a ton of books and I'm not exactly the fastest reader.

Nevertheless it is a REALLY snazzy-looking device and I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one if the opportunity arose. In fact, I believe that a friend of mine may be considering getting one but as far as I know he's still on the fence.

Anyway, here's what someone at Entertainment Weekly had to say about the Amazon Kindle and the future of books.

What will we do with all the libraries???

Living history museums, I say.

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Tomlin said...

If Dubya
is going to have a library
that's enough to tell me
what to do with them

But they're still
good places
to take your Kindle
and go to sleep in

Unless like Anchorage
They have a coffee shop
in the entry
and allow wake-up beverages
in amongst their uh
what does Laura call 'em