Monday, October 13, 2008

Song at end of Grey's Anatomy "Here Comes the Flood"

So I'm sure you've all been looking for the awesome song that was played at the end of last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Here Comes the Flood," during Meredith's ending voice-over.

Well look no further! The song is called "Pitter-Pat" and it's by my dear friend, the awesome Erin McCarley.OK- maybe we aren't dear friends, but she did graduate from the same high school as me AND we were both in the same music group in HS (at different times), which in a roundabout way technically makes us best friends.

Anyway, her song "Pitter-Pat" was the one featured at the end of Grey's Anatomy this week and you can download it on iTunes RIGHT HERE!

I also recommend checking out her MySpace to hear her other songs like "Pony" and "Love Save the Empty."You may recognize her music from other shows like One Tree Hill and Privileged as well.

Her album, "Love, Save the Empty" drops Jan. 6, 2009 (according to, though I had thought it was coming out earlier so I'm gonna check on that).

BUT she's on TOUR now so check out her MySpace for all the deets and go see her!

Pitter-Pat Lyrics:

Tugged the moon into the ground
Turned this bedroom upside down tonight
Took my faith and i breathed it out
Then walked right through a cloud of flashing lights, bright lies.

Pain takes my heart's place
The love we made, we cant erase it, don't wanna face it

Pitter pat, the angel on my shoulder
Is haunting me tonight
Tick tock, the clock is getting louder
Ready for me to decide

I've lost my sense of right and wrong
Well-justified my soul to carry on
It feels so damn good to write off the rules
But when a new day breaks, I'm left a fool I'm such a fool

Pain takes my heart's place
But your sweet sweet love,
oh I can taste it but still can't face it

Pitter pat, the angel on my shoulder
Is haunting me tonight
Tick tock the clock is getting louder
Waiting for me to decide

The sun is coming down on me
Could fate be so unkind?

Pain takes my heart's place
The love we made remains

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Unknown said...

Cool! Love the music on Grey's generally. What do you think of this Bryn Christopher song?