Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where did Grace go?

Many of you probably woke up today wondering "What ever happened to that lady from Grace Under Fire?" You know, Brett Butler's hit ABC sitcom from the 90s in which she played Grace Kelly, a divorced single mother and recovering alcoholic who worked at an oil refinery.Well, she hasn't be up to much, actually. According to, she's done a few projects here and there since Grace stopped running in 1998 including a guest spot on My Name is Earl in 2005.

She also hosted some reality TV show produced by Dr. Phil in 2006 called Moochers , where "people try to get relatives and friends who've overstayed their welcome to move out and live on their own." According to one of Brett's blog entries written in 2006, the show was supposed to have debuted Jan. 2007 on CBS with at least 6 episodes. Except, I never saw any or even heard of it. At all.

So, to answer the question "Where is Brett Butler?" I don't know, besides reruns of Grace Under Fire on Oxygen..If anyone has seen her, please let us know.

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Logan said...

At least her show is being syndicated. WHY don't they show Suddenly Susan anymore?