Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Pepsi Why?

Pepsi recently released pics of their newly redesigned logo design for bottles and cans.And I don't like it.

First of all it's not that different, but it's just different enough to look really weird.

Why mess with what we already know?

Possibly because the only time in recent memory that I can recall actually drinking a Pepsi was 5 years ago when I forced to drink one at Medieval Times because there was no other choice of beverage.

That's probably the case with most Pepsi drinkers. (Taco Bell anyone?)

I think that rather than spending millions of dollars on this new and not-all-that-different logo, Pepsi should have spent the money on getting their spokes-singer Britney back for an all new awesome Super Bowl commercial. What with Britney sort-of making a comeback and Pepsi in desperate need of one as well, everyone would win!

But no one asked me.

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DuffGT06 said...

Agreed. That is going to cause consumer confusion, it looks like some crazy foreign version.