Saturday, November 1, 2008

High School Musical Controversy: DID SHARPAY REALLY GRADUATE?

So I was just admiring my High School Musical 3 wallpaper today when something quite shocking caught my eye. The kids are seen in this promo shot doing their typical reach for the sky poses while clutching their newly acquired high school diplomas. But if you look closely, you'll notice that Sharpay isn't holding a diploma at all, instead her hand just reaches out holding onto thin air.There are many possible reasons for Sharpay's lack of diploma. Maybe it simply slipped out of her hand due to the wind force created by a jump such as this. Maybe she's holding it in her other hand behind her head and is just using her pointer finger to scratch her thumb on the hand we can see. Maybe her tiny Yorkie dog got a hold of it and ate it for a snack.

But what if none of those is the case?

What if Sharpay really didn't graduate and her coming back to East High to "help with productions," as referenced by Ms. Darbus at the end of the third film, was really just a cover-up for her need to redo senior year in order to provide a solid plot-line for Disney's desire to do a High School Musical 3 1/2?I wouldn't be shocked. I mean have we ever actually seen Sharpay doing homework or handing in an assignment?

Just something to think about.

--Calls to Disney and Ashley Tisdale's rep for comment were not returned in time for use in this story.

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