Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Thanksgiving Means to Me

Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays of the year besides Christmas, my birthday, and April Fool's Day. Seriously, I love Thanksgiving. Well, except for the food. I've never been a huge fan of the turkey or stuffing. Where most people eat an insane amount of food on Thanksgiving, I definitely eat hardly anything. But that's OK, this year my parents are coming to Austin (since we have to stay here for the UT/A&M game) and we're going to LUBY'S for lunch aaand I'm really excited about that. (Fried fish, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese, please!)

What I like the most about Thanksgiving is that it gives me time to look back on my year and celebrate all the things I'm thankful for (I'm sure you're expecting me to say something sarcastic here, but I'm actually being serious).

This year I have many things to be thankful for...

Friends and Big Game Nights!Amazing SunsetsTwo awesome trips to Disney World and another on the way!Spring Break in Crested Butte, ColoradoA Lake Overflowing with WaterRescuing the Flying Whale
This monkey that stuck his tongue out at us at the Oklahoma City ZooThis Ca-RAZY Vulture at the OKC Zoo
Two New Dog Nephews: Ripleyand BearFriends that Look at Me Like I'm CrazyGoing with My Dad to the John Mayer Concert
Meeting Joel McHale from The Soup!Celebrating Big Daddy's 88th Birthday!
Getting the New iPhone!
Becoming a LonghornBrother Justin Receiving the President's Award at Southwest Airlines
Mini Burgers at Ruby TuesdayAlexis and Me Being Amazing.Friends Visiting Austin!Creating Marvin the SCARY Jack-o-Lantern with AlliHigh School Musical 3
Christina Visiting Me
I'm sure I left PLENTY of things out, but 2008 has been great and we've still got a month and a few days left to enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Hook 'em Horns!

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iamrobyn said...

That's a great list... you have much to be thankful for. :)

Isn't having puppy nephews the best? I have a puppy niece and she is honestly such a light in my life. Aaaand I don't have to deal with cleaning up after her!

Christina said...

Saved the best for last!! AWWW YEAH!! :)