Monday, November 10, 2008

You got something you wanna say? gives me, Adam Rucker, the opportunity to say anything that's floating through my head or on my mind. This has been quite good for me, allowing me to express my thoughts and frustrations with anything from the new Pepsi logo to Disney Channel's Camp Rock. Since the blog has been so mind-freeing, in the spirit of Nesquik, I decided to "share the wealth."

So if you have anything you want to say, let me hear it! Whether it's about life, love, the weather, Miley Cyrus, or even me, drop it to me at and I'll more than likely post it on the blog and share it with the world. "The World" being all 12 of my actual readers and the hundreds of kids from around the world that get linked to my blog by Google Imaging "Hannah Montana" and "the Jonas Brothers."
I look forward to hearing what you have to say and I'll literally be clicking refresh on my Gmail window until I get e-mails, so please, please take 5 seconds to e-mail me.

I need a distraction from studying star formation and black holes...

And really quickly I just want to say a quick "THANK YOU!" to all the readers who faithfully come back on a daily/semi-daily basis... especially the visitor(s) from Luling, Texas.. Can I please just say that I went to the Luling City Market last month and it was the best barbecue EVER. And I don't even like barbecue. Seriously yall, you've got to go to the Luling City Market if you're in Central Texas any time soon- you'll be glad you did.

Thanks also to all the Californians, Arizonians, Floridians, New Yorkians, Chicagoians, Michiganians, Georgians, and on and on... (yes, I know Chicago is a city not a state, but most everyone from Illinois that views the site is from Chicago).

Thanks for reading and keep coming back!

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