Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey Newspapers: Give it Up. Seriously.

For some reason it's really hard for the papers to get the clue that no one reads them anymore. Hello, by the time we get the newspaper, the news on it is completely wrong. That is, if we ever GET the newspaper... I'm talking to you NEW YORK TIMES, who have completely slacked off on delivering my paper. Since when? Oh that's right, Election Day.
Way to go, NYT!
To me, trying to hold on to the newspaper is like still releasing VHS tapes. "But people still want to watch their movies on VHS!" No, no they don't. We have DVDs now and even Blu-ray, which present the movie so much better than VHS. You'd be an idiot to still be spending money on videotapes (unless they're a quarter at Half Price Books. I have nothing against that).

The same goes for newspapers. We have the Internet, blogs, and YouTube which constantly update our news free of charge. We even have the newspapers' Web sites which post all the stories free! So why on Earth are we supposed to PAY MONEY to have a heap of paper delivered to our front door (which doesn't necessarily even come) that we then have to poke through in an attempt to find anything of interest to us?

Besides, let's talk about the MASSIVE amounts of paper these monstrosities waste. You should come over to my apartment and SEE the pile of newspapers in my living room. I'm 99% sure I could make a full-grown tree with it by now, and that's only with the papers that New York Times has ACTUALLY delivered to me. There's no telling what it would look like if I had everything I had paid for. I mean, recycling's great, but how about not creating the problem in the first place?
I think everyone just needs to get an iPhone or a Kindle where they can digitally read their news. Heck, stores could even digitize their coupons and such to make it easier for them to be carried around! (Brilliant idea, btw.)

But in any case newspapers, stop acting like the economy has anything to do with your misfortune. It's your product. We live in a digital world now. And the sooner you accept that, the better off you'll be.

(Which, by the way, this also applies to the Broadway musicals that are closing. It's not the economy that sucks, it's the shows. I'm hoping my friend Logan will address this in the near future on The Log Blog.)

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Anonymous said...

A release by my local newspaper:

::Rolls eyes:: I don't know who they think they're fooling, blaming it on the economy.