Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I love my crazy Christmas catalogs...

Have you ever taken the time to actually go through some of the hundreds of Christmas gift catalogs you get in the mail? I did today, and yall, there is some crazy crap in there!

Take the catalog I got today, "X-treme Geek."The first thing that caught my eye (on page 11 for any of you following along) is the cruise ship and iceberg-shaped ice tray urging you to "Recall The Tragic Maiden Voyage Sinking of the Titanic" as you down a Gin & Tonic. Or "Gin & Titonic" as they humorously say..

I'm glad we've gotten to a point where national tragedies can be belittled so much that they are reenacted in ice cube/alcoholic drink form and sold for $6.95 out of a Christmas catalog.Of course, that's not nearly as bad as the inflatable Titanic where kids joyously slide down the deck of the ship just like the ill-fated passengers slid to their deaths.(I've seen this in person. It really exists.)

Now let's move to page 14 and the weather station that uses weather girl to give you the forecast... "Just Like TV!"If you can't see clearly, there is a girl in a bikini on the screen of the weather forecaster. The description says "The 'Weather Girl' provides visual indications of how many articles of clothing you'll need for the day (if any)."

I'm not sure what station the inventor of this gadget is watching, but I've never seen the weather presented in that way. Also, it's only 79 degrees in that picture and she's already wearing a bikini. One wonders what it would show during a typical 100 degree summer day in Texas...

Finally the very last page provides us with the most creepy product of all. And this time the product itself isn't creepy, but rather the weirdo presenting it.This guy is clearly trying to channel his idol Billy Mays, of OxyClean and Orange Glo fame.
But make no mistake, this guy is no Billy Mays. It looks like they just cleaned up the guy who offered me free speakers out of a trashy van in the Target parking lot a couple years ago. (Whatever you do, do NOT follow him to the van.)

Anyway, that's just a few of the wacko things I've found this year. Have yall seen anything ca-razy whilst Christmas shopping?

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