Thursday, December 11, 2008

Miley Cyrus got nominated for a Golden Globe ?!

Yes, you read that correctly; Tween queen Miley Cyrus was nominated this morning for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song in a motion picture. Miley co-wrote the song "I Thought I Lost You," for the animated Disney film, Bolt, which she also voiced a character in.

Despite the mishaps, Miley's probably the best decision Disney's made in the last 5 years. By my best estimates, she's made them a kascrillion dollars now. This also means that it's likely for her to also get nominated for an Academy Award. And I'd really like that to happen just to see how Demi and Selena react when Miles accepts her Oscar. ET will be all over that. They love the tween drama.

The Golden Globes air Sunday, January 11, on NBC.

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Unknown said...

Miley Cyrus deserves no Oscar. Best Original Song should go to Mariah for "Right To Dream" from Tennessee!