Monday, December 1, 2008

What's Your Favorite Thing About Walt Disney World?

In a couple weeks I'll be making another trip to my favorite place on Earth, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I've never been to Disney during Christmastime so I'm really excited to see all the decor and everyone in the Christmas spirit. The frantic and frustrated family-traveling Christmas spirit, that is.

I'm going with a couple of friends who have never been to the parks, and I'll be showing them around. So it got me thinking about what my favorite things are about Disney World, like:

  • Disney's Animal Kingdom (as a whole)
  • Finding Nemo the Musical
  • Mickey's Philharmagic
  • Soarin'
  • Illuminations/Wishes/Fantasmic
There are many, MANY more, but those are just the first things that came to me.

I'm curious to see what everyone else's favorite things are at Disney, so leave a comment or drop me a line at and tell me what you like the most. Whether it's a park, a ride, a character, a show or anything else, I'd love to hear!

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Cortney said...

I just love the way I feel the minute I step on the property. Happy as can be, and completely light hearted.

Wishes is my all time favorite! Gives me goosebumps every time.

For some reason the big tree in the center of EPCOT popped in my head just this morning. Enjoy your holiday trip to the parks. The lines will be longer than you've ever imagined, but it's well worth it.

Disney+Christmas=10x the Magic.

Anonymous said...

I love Holidays Around The World at Epcot. The countries have storytellers that share their respective "legends and lore of the season."

The Candlelight Processional is also great, though I haven't actually watched the entire thing. I've walked past American Gardens Theatre while it was going on and the music was spectacular. Get in line early if you plan on getting a seat!

Also, if you have time, visit some of the resorts... Boardwalk, Yacht and Beach, Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Grand Floridian are some of my favorites.

Have a great trip!

iamrobyn said...

Not trying to be a debbie downer or anything, but just be careful when you take new people to anything Disney. I took a friend once who had never been and I was so! freaking! excited! and he was like "oh sure, this is great" - but I could tell that he was like "ummm okay". If they haven't grown up with Disney and don't have those amazing memories, it's definitely not as exciting for them.

But back to your question... Blizzard beach is definitely my favorite Florida Disney thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, my favorite thing about Disney World is the Rock n' Roller Coaster. Such fond memories of that ride. Test Track is also pretty high on the list. Oh,I miss Disney World.