Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Happiest Purchase This Winter (HDTVs not included)

I'm here to say that this green Old Navy puffy vest is the best purchasing decision I've made in a long time. The naysayers said I wouldn't need something of the sort in Austin, Texas, but to them I say: "It's 46 degrees right now! BAM!"

Say what you will about its "fashion value," I don't really care about that. I wear pretty much the same thing every other day, anyway. This vest is the perfect thing for when you want "a little, but not too much," in the jacket arena.

Also it's really comfortable.

Another All Star in the Adam Rucker collection is this gray hoodie, which if you've ever seen me anywhere, ever, I was probably wearing. It's also featured in the "10 Minute Arm Holding Up Challenge!"Another Old Navy clearance item.

Seriously yall, Old Navy. They aren't playing around.


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iamrobyn said...

Love this. I definitely tried the arm challenge back when I was young and I think I cried for the entire 10 minutes.

I'm also pretty sure I have that same hoodie from Old Navy, except the girl version... and it was the best clearance item I have ever bought.

(And I wanted Sugar to win too!)