Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Space Mountain's Getting a Makeover

Walt Disney World's Space Mountain will close starting April 19 in order to do some much-needed "refreshment" on the ride, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Disney's being unclear as to when it will open back up, but my guess is that it won't be until around the beginning of the fall holidays. Apparently they're updating both the queuing area as well as the ride's ceiling. Though those things may not sound important, it is MUCH needed. It's like time traveling back to the 80's in there.

I am a little disappointed that it doesn't sound like an EXTREME makeover, though. I'd love for them to add a high speed launch sequence (ala Rockin' Rollercoaster), which I've heard they have on Disneyland Paris's version of Space Mountain.So, if you're going to WDW any time soon, make sure to take an extra Space Mountain ride to hold you over!

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Leah said...

Ooo. Good post...didn't see this before now.

I'm glad you refrained from the obligatory space-mountain-is-always-closed comment/joke ;)

I kind of love the turbo 80's retroness about space mountain. I hope they keep that little robot guy in the queue. He was my fav.