Monday, February 2, 2009

I think I broke Twitter - FAIL

I've just spent the past 20 minutes (during class) trying to figure out why the Internet on both my iPhone AND my computer were not working. The reason? Every time I try to go to, nothing comes up! Just an error (and not a Twitter whale fail).

Now, however, I have discovered that it's not the Internet that's not working, but rather just MY Twitter access.

I've just checked with friend and colleague, Samantha Urban, and apparently her Twitter is working just fine. So what's the deal? I'm afraid I might have broken Twitter last night during the Super Bowl when I tweeted about every commercial... But Sam did too!

Help me out, Twitter. I'll try not to crash the system again!

UPDATE: restarted my computer and it is working again, however the same cannot be said for my iPhone, which I restarted and is still not allowing me to access Twitter apps.

UPDATE Update: It's not working again. For some reason it worked on MY computer while I was logged in on a school computer at the same time. However when I logged out of the school computer and tried again on mine, it did not work. Rats!

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David Johannes said...

i had this exact same problem. i wonder whats going on. i blogged about it too. i felt my twitter frustration needed to be expressed