Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A note on "Going Green"

Look, I'm all for protecting the environment, I have been since the 3rd grade when I was in the Environmental Club (with Sam Urban) at school and we sang songs and made fake commercials about recycling. We had fun, but let's just say it did NOT make us part of the cool crowd.

Now though, it's like EVERYWHERE I FREAKING GO people are talking about "GOING GREEN" and "REDUCING YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT!" And that's all fine and dandy, but it just seems like people/companies are taking things they should already be doing anyway and slapping a "going green" title on it so they look like they're good people. There's also the "saving paper" or "saving energy" excuse, which again I fully support, but don't act like you aren't also (and probably more) excited about the fact that it's saving you a lot of money, too.

Just now walking into one of the libraries at UT Austin, I was greeted with a sign that told me to "Please use the revolving or swinging doors," in order to conserve energy.
Really UT? Really? Because I pay (OK- my parents pay) generously for that miniscule amount of energy that it takes to slide open that door. 

I will also just say: for a school that requires that all computers be left on 24/7 regardless of whether or not they're being used, "Energy Conservation" is not at the top of their list, which is why crap like this sign telling me not to use the automatic door REALLY grinds my gears. Not to mention the fact that for, oh the last 4 months or so that revolving door hasn't worked and UT never bothered to fix it, forcing everyone to get used to using the sliding door.

I just wish people would do their part without being so boisterous about it. I've spent many an afternoon picking up all the crap that people who think they're so awesome that the Earth is their trashcan leave outside my apartment complex, but I don't walk around wearing a shirt that says "I'M SO AWESOME! I'M GREEN!"

Should people really be congratulated for NOT wasting things?

People don't need to be "green," they just need to be responsible human beings.

It's really quite simple: if you see trash, pick it up. If you don't need to waste paper on something, don't, if you leave the house, turn off the lights.

The end.

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John M. Kirton II said...

Amen! In the same spirit, I think I'll suggest at work Monday that we all discontinue using the elevator and begin using the stairs (our offices are on the 5, 6, and 7 floors!)[tongue-in-cheek sarcasm].

Hey! Maybe, i/o using the photocopiers, we should go back to hand-write copying!

I/O of faxing, snailmail and carrier pigeons should be used.

Man, I'm on a roll!