Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is Kelly Clarkson Pregnant?

Are you kidding me? No.

The following article was written in the New York Daily News following Kelly's appearance on "American Idol" last night. (With my comments interspersed.)

BY Lauren Johnston

It's the Internet buzz phrase of the day: Is Kelly Clarkson pregnant?

Umm. I've been on the Internet all day and it's definitely NOT the buzz phrase of the day.

The original "American Idol" winner returned to the Fox stage last night to perform her latest single "My Life Would Suck Without You" before a panel of her former judges: Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul.

The Grammy-winning songstress - clad in a form-fitting black mini-dress, knee-high black boots, tights and a shimmery sequined shrug - rocked out the song from her new album "All I Ever Wanted" and strode confidently across the stage.

"Strode confidently across the stage" is a bit redundant considering she's a Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum superstar. I would hope she looked a little more confident than Anoop Desai.She looked a bit curvier than she did at the Grammy awards in February, and immediately the rumors started to fly.

Who says she looked curvier? You? The reporter? We don't care. Among whom did the rumors fly? Are you making this up so you can have a story? (That's what my reporting teacher would have written in red all over my assignment had I said that.)

But a Clarkson rep at her record label RCA - a division of Sony Music - tells the Daily News the buzz is dead wrong: "She is not pregnant."

The singer chatted with host Ryan Seacrest on stage, who asked if her new song was written with a special someone in mind - to which said no, adding she is not currently in a relationship.

But that didn't stop the fans from speculating.

What fans? Speculating about what? Her curves? Or her relationship?

Clarkson wowed the "Idol" fans at Wednesday night's results show, performing after hip-hop star Kanye West.

Asked by Seacrest how it felt to return to her old stomping grounds, she said, "I feel like I'm going to be judged."

Kinda like you're judging her right now by saying she's so fat that she must be pregnant?

If Abdul's dancing along to her tune was any indication, she would have greenlighted her to the next round.

Paula Abdul will literally dance to anything, including silence. It's just the side effects of being on so many "medications."
The above article is reason #473 I got out of journalism. Ms. Johnston, the writer, seriously went to school and got a degree to learn how to write a story on whether or not Kelly Clarkson is pregnant.

This is also why I don't understand how people don't understand why newspapers are failing. They are literally paying someone to write stories like the above, speculating whether or not young, minorly overweight female stars are pregant, and a previously unnecessary story of theirs: "'Idol' judge Paula Abdul wackier than usual?"

Has anyone, including Johnston herself ever heard of a girl gaining a few pounds while they're off work? (And by 'off work' for Kelly, I mean she has so much money that she doesn't NEED to work all the time.) If you've seen Kelly Clarkson at all in the last two years you'd know she's looked like that for the last two years.
Unless she is literally an elephant, whose gestation period is about 22 months, I'm gonna go ahead and conclude that she is not pregnant.People just need to chill the crap out and appreciate Kelly Clarkson for what she is: a beautiful and amazing singer, who the last time I checked wasn't on drugs, wasn't taking naked pictures, wasn't a complete [mean person], didn't have an eating disorder, and wasn't wasting her money on bling and alcohol.

But leave it to the "news" to point out the moment she looks like she might NOT be starving herself like everyone else in Hollywood.

At least they play those Dove "Real Beauty" ads during the commercial breaks to make up for it.

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Mom said...

Remember how awful it was that the news media made comments about how Jessica Simpson gained weight when photographed at one of her "concerts" - and some people on tv jumped to her defense that you shouldn't have to be rail thin to be a female entertainer, etc - Well, Ms Simpson has now lost the extra weight and is wearing her Daisy Dukes again, so she is now receiving praise from the people who defended her and describing how wonderful she looks now - and Jessica is continuing the trend of making sure the fans and media see that she is extra thin and lighter by wearing the Daisy Dukes. If it was wrong to be critiqued for being heavier, why did she lose the weight? Just wondering.