Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel Rips The Bachelor

Even if you don't watch "The Bachelor," which, I totally don't, at all, you probably know by now that the latest, Jason Mesnick, turned out to be a total dirtbag. Last night on the 2 hour season finale, Jason proposed to my fellow Dallasite, Melissa. Then 5 minutes later on the "After the Rose" show (which was taped 6 weeks after filming "The Bachelor") Jason decided to dump her on national TV "because he had to." Oh, and then 5 minutes later he asked the original girl he dumped on the finale to give him a second chance. And she did.Class. Acts.

Now listen, I'm all about everyone being happy and doing what they feel is best for them, but I don't buy the crap that he HAD to break up with her on TV. Considering that 99% of the other bachelors broke up with their picks before their seasons ended as well without doing it on TV, I find it hard to believe that he was forced to do so. All you really have to do is call your fiance while you aren't on TV and break up with her and that will accomplish it not being on TV.


Anyway, Jimmy Kimmel ripped him pretty good on his show afterward and that's what this whole post is basically about. So check it out!

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the dude said...

I suspected from the beginning that Jason Mesnick was a tool, then the finale eliminated all doubt