Monday, March 30, 2009

Open Letter to McDonald's: Stop hogging the dipping sauce!

Dear McDonald's 
(CEO Jim Skinner and President and COO Ralph Alvarez),

I'm sad to say that at the moment, I am NOT "lovin' it." After a recent trip to a local McDonald's (5516 Lamar: Austin, Texas) it has come to my attention that you feel the need to formally ration the dipping sauces which you disperse. 
Over the years I have seen small attempts at this by way of certain stores posting homemade signs or charging 25 cents per "extra" dipping sauce containers, but I have never seen such a formal notice as the "Dippin' Sauce Guide," declaring exactly how many dipping sauces customers are allotted depending on how many nuggets they purchased.

This both confused and saddened me. I have grown up on McDonald's. I've literally eaten it at least once a week for more than 15 years (and have still managed to NOT become "supersized"). I've defended the integrity of McDonald's food to many a friend and foe over the years, and I have always stood by its side-- only to be betrayed by my fast food friend's extreme selfishness.

One of my favorite things about McDonald's has to be the Sweet & Sour sauce. I eat it on nuggets, fries, and even my burgers on occasion. But now, McDonald's is telling me that unless I purchase an item containing nuggets, I am no longer entitled to the same dipping sauce that someone who purchased nuggets is.

How does it make sense to say that I, who purchased a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese Extra Value Meal for $6 cannot have a dipping sauce when someone who purchased a $3 Happy Meal can?

To take it further: do you really believe that 2 dipping sauce containers is enough for 10 nuggets? And 6 dipping sauces for 50 nuggets?!

And please don't blame it on the recession or "current economic climate." McDonald's posted higher than expected earnings of more than $985 million last quarter. McD can afford the sauce.

I guess my main point is: share the wealth, no matter what food we purchase. And by "wealth," I mean "dipping sauce."

My dollar is the same as another's dollar weather it is spent on 4 McNuggets or one McDouble.

Thank you for your time, and I appreciate in advance your speedy and satisfying response.

Sweetly and Sourly,

Adam Rucker

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