Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Library Fair Day! Wait.. what?

I woke up this morning completely devoid of expectations for what the day would bring me. All I was certain of was that I was taking a Spanish test for which I was not too completely prepared. It is on days like these that pleasant surprises are very exciting to encounter.

On a typical Wednesday I will go to three classes then to the library for an hour break until my last class.

I had no idea that when I went to the library today, the courtyard outside would be transformed into a magical outdoor carnival called "Library Fair."

OK- so it's not exactly "magical," but it does have balloons and a cotton candy machine so it's pretty close.Some people (myself included) would not call this a legitimate "fair," but with a tent of butcher and crepe paper like that, what ELSE would it be?

As I walked into the library, I heard one of the librarians that was giving a tour ask the touree "Have you seen our fair outside? It's pretty fun," as if the set of tables located outside the library's doors displaying brochures and information about all of UT's libraries was the equivalent of a traveling carnival complete with fun houses and dangerous Ferris wheels, just because they had rented a cotton candy machine. But then again to her maybe it is the same.

So the moral to this story is: even if you're worried about a test, keep looking up cuz you never know when it could be "Library Fair" day, whatever that means.

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