Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday Night Live: High School Musical 4

Zac Efron hosted SNL this weekend and though I didn't catch the episode, I did get to see several of the sketches on Hulu. Below is the "High School Musical 4" sketch where Troy Bolton comes back to East High after his first year at college to tell the kids how the real world works.

Funny stuff. Except, I could've done without the whole Walt Disney thing. That was weird.

TROY: "Word of advice: LOOK at who you're talking to! Once you leave this school no one projects or cheats out."

TROY -What have you learned here?
STUDENT: "I learned I don't have to play into stereotypes that people have for me. I can be a jock and a dancer, and I can be proud of it!"
TROY -What's the capital of Texas?
STUDENT: "Uhh, Texas City?"
TROY -I thought so. You're not gonna believe how little you know.

KENAN STUDENT -But at least you can fall back on basketball, right Troy?
TROY- "No. I may have been good here, but it's become clear that East High plays in some sort of musical theater league with a very low standard of competition."


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