Friday, April 3, 2009

We want you to live, Bighorn Sheep!

While reading an old National Geographic in the library, I came across a little blurb about the Peninsular Bighorn Sheep. PBS live in the mountain ranges of Southern Califorina and Baja California, and they are extremely endangered with only about 3,200 remaining in the world.

Normally I'm sensitive to endangered species and how humans can negatively affect animals' living environments and therefore survival rates, but after seeing this accompanying picture I have to say: Bighorn Sheep, you might have brought this one upon yourself...
Maybe if you didn't make a habit of hanging out on the sides of extremely steep (and by steep I mean nearly vertical) mountains you wouldn't all die.

Just a thought.


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iamrobyn said...

There used to be a warning sign on the highway up to our cabin in the Okanagan that said "Big Horn Sheep" (as in: watch out for the big horn sheep on the cliffs) and someone used to write a Y on the end with a black marker so it would read “Big Horny Sheep”. The city people would come by and clean it off and it’d be back within a day. I thought it was pretty funny. Now they just have a warning sign with a picture of a Big Horned Sheep... definitely not as funny.