Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hannah Montana lives on and High School Musical won't go away

Disney just announced that its original series and Walmart product licensing behemoth, "Hannah Montana," starring Miley Ray Cyrus will continue for a 4th season. Production on season 3 wraps this week and season 4 won't begin filming until 2010.

They say there will be a few changes to come in the new season including a change of scenery. Are the Stewarts moving back to Tennessee? I also hope that means they'll be leaving RRRRRiccco back on the beach in Malibu.

Interesting note: a 2007 episode of "Hannah" featuring the Jonas Brothers is still the highest rated basic cable telecast ever, which is odd considering no one watches their show, JONAS at all.

Miley Cyrus also announced today via her Twitter account that she'll be headlining an arena tour this fall with brother Trace Cyrus's band, Metro Station opening for her.
TicketMaster is introducing a new "Paperless Ticketing" system with Cyrus's tour, thanks to the insane issues surrounding the Hannah Montana tour of a few years ago when scalpers bought and sold tickets for outrageous prices.
And though it sounds like a good idea, this new system requires that the purchasing credit card be swiped at the entrance to the venue (with ID) and that all members of the party be present at entry. With parents buying tickets for the Tweeny-bopper children it's likely that this will become an issue since they won't all necessarily be attending the concert with their kids.

Just saying, TicketMaster, you might want to think this one through a little more.
In other news from the Disney front, Disney has hired Jeffrey Hornaday, choreographer of "Flashdance" and "A Chorus Line" to direct and choreograph the newest installment of High School Musical, HSM4, "East Meets West."

With the original cast not returning and Kenny Ortega no longer at the helm, best of luck with that, Disney. Ever hear of ending on a high note?

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