Monday, June 1, 2009

My beef with Whataburger

I'm not typically one to get angry at fast food workers and make a scene because I understand this probably happens all the time to them, and everyone makes mistakes. But after THREE unpleasant experiences at three different Whataburger locations in 2 days, I had enough.

1. Last night around 11:10 I was craving a Whataburger taquito, and since they begin serving breakfast at 11, I decided to swing by on the way home from seeing "Angels & Demons" to get one. Only once I pulled up to the drive through menu I saw the handmade sign proclaiming their credit card machine to be "down."

Innocent enough, but if ALL of the credit card machines in your store do not work and it is still 2009 when only about 10 people in the United States still use cash, you might as well just close up shop until you get it fixed.

So, OK, fine, there's another Whataburger on my way home so I'll just get the taquitos there.

2. Wait 5 minutes for the car in front of me to finish ordering what must have been a meal for 30 people. Pull up to the menu (it's 11:30pm now). Ask for my taquitos and immediately get the response of:

"Yo, we haven't had time to cook brakfast chet. It'll be like 20 minutes."

To which I respond, "Nevermind," and drive off to Sonic instead.

So today I decide to give WAB one more chance and pick up lunch on the way to my sister's in Rockwall. The only Whataburger is about 20 minutes away from her house (on the way).

3. I order the meal for my brother-in-law and I, which totalled more than 14 DOLLARS. (Who do they think they are? Chili's?!) And when I get to their house, Chase's double cheeseburger is no where to be found.

Normally I would have just said "oh well" and Chase would have had to find something else to eat. But no, I paid $7 for that stupid burger, waited 10 minutes for them to make it, and I was going to get it. So I drove the 20 minutes back there to get it and had them remake the whole order, a concept they didn't seem to understand the necessity of until I explained that by the time they cooked the food (because they're the slowest fast food establishment in the world) and I got back home, this whole ordeal would amount to more than an hour of my time.

So they remade my order, and I ate it, and it was good.

And there you go, for those of you that were wondering what happened after my Tweet about hating Whataburger earlier today.

Separately, these things wouldn't have been a big deal, but them happening 3 times in a row just about made me want to scream.

Needless to say, I think I'll just stick with my McDonald's again for a while. I'm sorry I ever even tried to leave you, McD's...

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iamrobyn said...

Oh my gosh, I've always always always wanted to try Whataburger! Now I'm not too sure I want to. :)

You must be a lot like me... soon it becomes the principle of the thing, instead of being about the food. I've had a similar experience with Wendy's, like to the point where I no longer leave the drive-thru without checking out every little detail of my order (I'm sorry, but if I ask for no mayo, I mean NO MAYO)!

Okay now I'm craving hamburgers...

Anonymous said...

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