Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ashley Tisdale's got Aliens in the Attic

Ashley Tisdale's next big screen movie role comes in this month's "Aliens in the Attic." During filming the movie was known as "They Came From Upstairs," before producers apparently thought that would be too confusing and opted for the more direct "Aliens in the Attic."It pretty much looks terrible and also stars SNL's Kevin Nealon, Robert Hoffman, and Doris Roberts, the mom from "Everybody Loves Raymond."

The movie was filmed in January of 2008, several months before Tisdale filmed "High School Musical 3," which has already been in and out of theaters and on DVD for several months. It was set to be released in February of 2009 but was pushed back to July 31. Never a good sign.

Who knows, it could be good. But I like Ashley Tisdale so I just hope it doesn't hurt her career too much. It'll be interesting to see if any of the HSM kids besides Zac Efron can make successful careers for themselves.

Though, by the looks of the trailer for Vanessa Hudgens's August 14th release, "Band Slam," the outlook isn't great.

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Unknown said...

i'm in the movie bandslam, and i agree, it doesn't look promising. i've got to say that i'm a little disappointed, i was hoping that my feature movie debut would be something that was highly regarded in the film community, but it's still something i guess. :)