Friday, July 17, 2009

Disneyland World of Color

OK it's settled: I'll be making my first trip to Disneyland in California in the spring of 2010.

Part of the massive overhaul at Disney's California Adventure is the addition of "World of Color" to the lagoon near Paradise Pier. The fountain show will include water screen projections similar to those in Disney's Hollywood Studios' "Fantasmic," but "World of Color" takes it to a WHOLE nother level.The screen, as you can see, is absolutely massive at 380 feet wide.

I'm also excited at the inclusion of characters and storylines from more recent Disney films like Wall-E, Finding Nemo, and Pirates of the Caribbean.Though it will be a massive undertaking, if anyone can pull it off it's the Disney imagineers.
Look for this opening sometime in the spring of 2010, and look for me watching it every single night.

Photos courtesy of Disneyland.

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iamrobyn said...

Ok, what?! First trip to Disneyland?? No way. I go every year! It's awesome! California Adventure is rad... but these renovations will put it over the top, for sure. I'm planning on visiting my parents in Palm Springs next spring... I'll have to plan it around the opening! :)