Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Go Sarcasm! Viva Mexico!

I get excited when I find people with a humor similar to mine, which is why I decided that I could probably be best friends with this kid in my online Spanish class after only reading his short intro on the discussion boards. (It was too long to post on Twitter which is why it's here.)

Let's begin with his funny acknowledgment of being an idiot and not knowing how to log-in.

Hello, my name is Andrew and this is the first day I have been able to login to this course. I'm not sure what that means except perhaps that I am already far behind in an intensive, four-week course. Hmm. If someone would like to console me by confessing to extreme procrastination that evens the playing field, I would be extremely grateful.

Most people would be all complainy complainerson about it not being fair that they couldn't log in and that they, in turn, should be offered some advantage that all the other smart kids didn't get. Instead, this guy just plays it cool in hopes that there is some other idiot who didn't start the class yet either.

Now we move on to the "about me" section, where Andrew has the opportunity to help the class get to know him better:

I attend the University of North Texas. I am majoring in journalism. I like charro beans, verde enchiladas and books by Spanish-speaking authors as long as they have already been translated into English. I recommend Jose Saramago.

This is where "Andrew" immediately became a friend of mine. I considered listing off my favorite Mexican foods in my intro before opting not to, but Andrew actually DID it. He then added the bit about liking books written in Spanish which made me think, "Oh, he must be smart. He reads books in other languages," only before I read "as long as they have already been translated into English," right after.

Look, there are three reasons for this post:

1) I'm bored and have nothing to do before I get lunch.

2) We could all learn something from "Andrew." Don't take yourself too seriously. If you screw up, oh well, forget about it and move on.

3) And lastly, when you introduce yourself to someone(s), it really is a good idea to lead with your favorite foods. People LOVE food and love talking about food and since the first thing they'll ever identify you with is food, they'll love you.

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Maxer said...

I found it funny as well. Maybe it was just the mention of "charro beans" but the book comment is amusing too.

darkmuse said...

it looks just creepy((( I'd never agree to try it( NEVER!!

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