Friday, July 24, 2009

Wedding Entrance Dance

By now you may have seen the wedding entrance dance that's gone viral all over the interwebs, but if you haven't, no worries cuz it's right here:Basically these people do away with the traditional processional in favor of a choreographed dance to Chris Brown's "Forever" (which we'll forgive due to the song's appropriateness for a wedding).

Let's just say I'm jealous that this couple had enough friends willing to do something like this.

I can just see brides all over the place scrambling to get their friends together to choreograph something like this. And though if you do do it at your wedding, you won't exactly win originality points, but you'll surely please the congregation for not making them sit through the endless bridal march.

Let the bridal march dance off begin!

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ameliagermain said...

I long to do away with most traditional things at my wedding in the future. This video is so amazing. My mother would go ape shit, I'm sure.