Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fantastic new music: Mat Kearney

It's been a while since Mat Kearney's last CD, "Nothing Left to Lose" debuted, (as he acknowledges in the opening line of his new disc with "Here we go at it three years later...") but I've just picked up his new album, "City of Black and White," and I can't stop listening to it.

If you don't know who Mat Kearney is you may still have heard his music featured on TV shows, as it was frequently featured on pretty much every current trendy show and throughout season 3 of Grey's Anatomy.

Kearney's vibe is definitely a unique mix of Nashville and pop, but I would best describe it as "Grey's Anatomy Pop," as the show has in a way created its own sound. "Black and White" lacks the flowing white guy rap of "Nothing Left to Lose," most likely in an attempt to make the entire disc more TV-adaptable.

I enjoy every track on the album, but my favorites would have to be Closer to Love, Here We Go, City of Black & White, and Fire & Rain.

So check out the CD! It's definitely worth the listen.

PS: He's also great live. Check out the audio of his performance of "Breathe in Breathe Out" live from the House of Blues in Dallas.

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