Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gluten Free is the Way to Be! (But only if you have to)

So it's been a little more than a week now since I found out that I'm allergic to basically the entire world of food (wheat, gluten, cheese, milk...), and so far it isn't so bad. (Check out my allergy announcement below.)I already feel better after cutting out most of those foods that I was found allergic to. There is, of course, the negative result of me finding out how much I truly love all those wheat-containing products like bread, tortillas, anything that's breaded and fried, etc. It's that whole "don't know what you've got till it's gone" thing.
A conversation about frosted animal crackers that two girls were having next to me in the library just about sent me over the edge, and visions of a hot-off-the-stove grilled cheese sandwich frequently dance through my dreams, causing a wave of disappointment when I awake.
I'm finding refuge in many potato products like chips and french fries (unfortunately I'm also allergic to corn, which knocks out all of my favorite tortilla chips), but one can only eat french fries for so long before they *gasp* get sick of them.

So I turn to you, blog-reading, gluten-free public. Got any ideas for me? What do you eat? Where do you eat?

I found that Pei Wei has a gluten-free spicy chicken meal option, which just about makes my life (I've had it twice already in the past week).

I'd love your ideas and suggestions!

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Anonymous said...

Well, i eat a LOT of rice, potatoes, and salad, (and corn but i guess you cant eat that =( ). I'm also a vegetarian so meats are out for me, but thats okay because a lot of meat has wheat fillers in it.

My advice: don't ever let anyone eat a slice of pizza in front of you. I haven't had pizza is FOREVER and i die a little bit every time one of my friends eats it haha. I also haven't had cheese in a long time since i basically have nothing to eat it on.. =/

by the way if you like to bake it's really easy to make cookies that you can eat by replacing regular flower with buckwheat (which doesn't have gluten) or tapioca flour, potato flour, rice flour... basically anything thats not wheat flour.