Thursday, September 24, 2009

Is Flash Forward the new LOST?

The new ABC sci-fi drama opened with a close up of our main character Mark Benford (played by Joseph Fiennes) waking up amongst a ginormous disaster scene reminiscent of the opening on LOST featuring Matthew Fox waking to find the disaster following the crash of Oceanic flight 815.Mark finds a chaotic scene in downtown Los Angeles following a crazy event that caused everyone in the entire world to black out and "flash forward," seeing their lives 6 months into the future.

In this first episode we see glimpses of Mark's flash forward, and we will, presumably see glimpses of the other characters' flashes on future episodes, stretching the mystery throughout the season.

So let's go over just a few of the obvious similarities between Flash Forward and LOST:

Mysterious wide scale disaster? Check.
Outlaws on the run? Check.
Beautiful cast? Check.
References to Oceanic Airlines? Check.
Random animals where they don't belong? Check.
Flashes (forward or backward)? Check. Check.
Plot full of literally THOUSANDS of mysteries? Check. Check. Check.

The similarities between the two shows were almost so obvious that it was ridiculous. I mean, a kangaroo hopping through the streets of LA? Can anybody say POLAR BEAR?!

Almost as random as the kangaroo were guest appearances by Family Guy creator and star, Seth MacFarlane and the Famous Jett Jackson, but you know, whatever works.

Flash Forward has the perfect opportunity to establish itself as the new mystery drama once LOST disappears after its final season next spring. Not that anything can ever fully replace what I believe to be the best drama TV show ever, but there's nothing wrong with having a 2nd best.
I have high hopes for Flash Forward, especially considering it will soon feature LOST (and Lord of the Rings) veteran Dominic Monaghan and already includes Desmond's girlfriend Penny (Sonya Walger).

I'm excited for the amazingness that is yet to come!

PS it looks AMAZING in HD, but what doesn't?

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John M. Kirton II said...

WOW! I hadn't thought of the similarities! Good job!