Sunday, November 1, 2009

I actually feel bad for Ashlee Simpson

It's quite a rare position that I currently find myself in: feeling bad for one Mrs. Ashlee Simpson Wentz.

Though I do not follow her on Twitter, I wanted to see what she was up to after being canned from her new CW show, Melrose Place, so I headed over to her Twitter page.

And what did I find but her last tweet written on October 20 saying, "On set with Heather Locklear and Brooke Burns- these ladies are freakin awesome- such a fun day!"And 2 days later she was fired. (Also canned was co-star Colin Egglesfield.)


What makes it even greater is that rumor has it that a huge part of the reason she was fired was because her new, and much more experienced, co-star Heather Locklear couldn't stand her and demanded her gone.

I don't even watch the show. But I did see the first episode and kinda couldn't believe she got the job in the first place so I can't say I'm surprised.

Look, I don't get joy out of the fact that she was fired. In fact, I find it kinda sad. Being as famous as she is and not tweeting for this long is a huge sign of defeat in this day and age.

So she better get on it before she loses everything.

Not that there's much to save...

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