Monday, November 9, 2009

Is 22 too old to get into Legos?!

Growing up, I never was able to wrap my head around the idea of Legos. Getting a new toy for your birthday that you then had to spend hours putting together was never that appealing to me.

Heck, the one time I did get a small Lego set (it was a tiny ambulance), I attempted to put it together, and after 5 minutes of low-effort trying, I asked my friend David to put it together for me.

My parents were not so proud.

But now that I've gotten older and gained a little more patience, I think I'm ready now to take on Legos. And now that Lego has these rockin' cool stores everywhere, I get excited just thinking about the prospect of getting a Lego set and actually putting the whole thing together.

I mean look at this awesome PIRATE SHIP!!And the accompanying "Loot Island."COOL!!

So the question is: is 22 years old TOO OLD to be getting STARTED with Legos?

I appreciate your input.

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Jeff! said...

wooooahhhh. no it isn't too old!

i walk up and down the lego aisles and am waiting for my nieces and newphews to be old enough so i can buy them for them and not feel the social pressure of being too old for legos! As a fellow 22 year old, i say we take back legos and own it. at the same time, can we also take back Pogs and the Power Rangers? What i would give to have a line of disney channel themed pogs.... My Chelsea That So Raven slammer totally just flipped your Harper Wizards of Waverly pog... i own the best friends now! i am waiting for the day that i can utter that sentence without feeling liek i am too old.