Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Fajitas Were a Success!

If you know me or follow me on Twitter, it should not come as surprise that I rarely cook. The food service industry has been very kind to me over the years (well, except for the short while I worked as a waiter at the Olive Garden, but that's a different story.)

Last night, though, I thought I would take advantage of my non-existent schedule and cook up one of my favorite meals, fajitas. Though it's rare that I cook, I picked one of the most non-mess-up-able meals you could choose.
Fajita Beef
I went to Central Market to get a good cut of marinated fajita beef, onions, jalapeños, and limes for the occasion. After speaking extensively over the phone with my brother-in-law, I felt prepared enough to take on this Tex-Mexican tradition.
The first step in preparation was to sprinkle the skillet with the juice of a lime then set the lime halves in the skillet to cook along with the rest of the food, infusing the flavor.

Well, no less than 14 seconds after I did this, the overwhelming steam/smoke from the limes engulfed the apartment and set off our rather sensitive smoke detectors... So my friends and I opened the doors, turned on the fans, threw the skillet on the patio, and tried to diffuse the cloud before it set off the alarms and sprinklers in the complex, ruining not only my dinner, but everyone else's lives.
Fajitas Cooking
The limes were simply removed from the pan, and the crisis was averted. But it was close... I should have known better; after all, the lime sprinkling is the trick restaurants use to make the fajitas appear sizzling hot as they bring them to your table.

In the end, the fajitas turned out great, along with the addition of black beans, guacamole, and Glee, which is what we watched while we ate.

PS: what did you think of Glee? I enjoyed this episode more than most, but I'm still waiting for the pizzaz from the pilot episode. Maybe they're saving that for regionals?

Who knows. I guess we'll find out in April.

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