Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's with all the TINY food?

OK so I'll admit: at one point or another, I too thought the tiny burgers were cute (as my selection from Ruby Tuesday above presents), but what is with the rampant overtaking of our nation's food supply with miniature versions of our favorite foods?

Not only has the mini burger/sandwich craze trickled down to even the fast food restaurants, like Jack in the Box, but now they're making other foods that were already small enough even smaller!

Chili's just announced their new mini TACOS.
Though they may appear to be somewhat normal-sized in the picture, don't be fooled by the camera's trickery. Just compare them to the slice of lime in the photo, and you'll see that they're not much bigger, and I GUARANTEE you they don't come loaded with that much meat.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like "mini" is code word for "small" and "rip-off."

It all reminds me of that tiny cell phone Will Ferrell skit from SNL.

How small is small enough?

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iamrobyn said...

I forgot all about that tiny cell phone skit. It's brilliant!

I think this whole -tiny- phase is just a way for people to eat fast food yet think they're eating healthy because they're having "smaller" portions (when it's actually a larger meal, cut into smaller/cute pieces).

It's saving the fast food industry from losing their I'm-getting-too-fat-so-I-need-to-shape-up customers.