Friday, December 3, 2010

Songs That Make You Cry #boohoosong

A couple weeks ago a song popped up on Pandora that about half-way through caused a subtle drop of moisture to escape from the area surround my eye. It was a tear, people.

While I can't tell you what song that was (because my terrible iPhone 3G froze and shut down Pandora as soon as I tried to see), it got me thinking: music makes people cry. And I wanted to see what songs get you all emotional.

So I posted a tweet and a status and awaited your replies:

This is what you said:

@MllePace: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
@5states & @girlyrocker: Michael Giachino's "Life & Death" (this is the guy that did the music for LOST)
@danaherlihey: "Videotape" - Radiohead, "Skinny Love" - Bon Iver
@penacolada: "The Luckiest"- Ben Folds
@beckyggxoxo: "Ooh Child Original"- The Five Stairsteps
@alswic: "Don't Take the Girl" - Tim McGraw, "Sarabeth"- Rascal Flatts

@vaolivares21: "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic
@simplyregina: "The Letter" from Billy Elliot
@steph315: "Don't Forget"- Demi Lovato
@kell_rose: Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton always makes me cry
@whatabout_ken: "Full of Grace"- Sarah McLaughlin
@AudreyPrincessa: "Push and Pull"- Nikki Costa, "To Zion"- Lauryn Hill
@studio_gal: "Same Old Lang Syne"- Dan Fogelberg
@ShadowFuzzy: Nearly all the Lost soundtracks, but especially 'Life and death'&'There's No Pl. Lk. Home' make me get Jears :'o
rascal flatts-ellsworth. I don't cry at songs or movies really, but this song almost gets me every time I hear it.
@dougjbarker: I'd give you a list of songs, but I know you'd just use it against me in the future. You can't trick me that easily, RUCKER! (Why would I trick you???)
"All the Way" by Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion and a bunch of movie soundtracks like Star Wars, Hook, and more!
@pennylane14: How much time do you have? Keane "Somewhere Only We Know" Rascal Flatts "Fast Cars and Freedom"
"Nightswimming," REM
Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell
Ain't that the truth??

I also got 23 comments on my Facebook Wall! (Click HERE to Read Them All)
Here are some highlights:
Leiliane: Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis
Valen: The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice!!
I Could Fall in Love - Selena =(
Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens
Cinderella!!!! from steven curtis chapman, and you need to see the videoooooo :(

So what I learned from all of this is that:
1) You people cry... a LOT.
2) Celine Dion's Titanic theme still has the ability to depress people.
3) Music is a wonderful and beautiful thing that can really get at people's emotions from a million different angles.

What about me? Besides the song from Pandora that I don't know the name of, there's only one other song that makes me shed a tear... "I Can Only Imagine," by MercyMe. I've sung this at no less than 10 funerals of close friends and family members, so if I ever hear it on the radio, it has got to go. Otherwise I'm done for.

But now my plan is to make one big mixed CD, drink about 5 bottles of water, and let the sobfest begin... Who's with me?!

Just kidding. It's Friday! And life's awesome!

Go out and celebrate!

(Continue to send your #boohoosong suggestions to my Twitter and Facebook!)

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Hot Links

Sun in the Lightning Tree
It's a blazing 100 degrees outside in Dallas today so why not serve up some hot links to go along with it?

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall Shows to Freak Out About

The start of the new fall season is like Christmas to me. The anticipation of new television series builds and builds until finally the box is unwrapped and leaves you either jumping for joy or ready for to get in the returns line.

Here are the shows I'm most excited about seeing this year:

Lone StarA Texas-based drama (films in Dallas) about a conman (James Wolk) working for his wife's father who's an oil tycoon (Jon Voight), while hiding his other life with his girlfriend who lives 400 miles away. Wolk's wife is played by Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki, so that's reason enough for me to watch.

Running WildeNot really sure what this one's about, but it doesn't matter as it comes from the makers of Arrested Development and stars AD's Will Arnett and Keri Russell of Felicity fame. It'll either be really great or really stupid, but well worth the risk.

Hawaii Five-0

This reboot of the classic TV show stars LOST's Daniel Dae Kim and that guy from that JLo movie (Alex O'Loughlin). I've heard great things so far about this show- let's just hope it can survive longer than O'Loughlin's other short-lived CBS series, Moonlight and Three Rivers.

SurvivorIt isn't new, but this show never seems to fail, and with this season's gimmick being young vs. old and including Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, I'll definitely be there.

The Event

It's entirely possible NBC has set themselves up for complete failure by promoting this show as "the new LOST," but from what I've heard, there is reason to have high hopes for this series. The "event" refers to some sort of coverup involving the president (Blair Underwood) and the government and all the drama surrounding it. Sounds to me like a single season of 24, so mad props to them if they're able to sustain the plot for very long. But my LOST-loving soul is ready for a new drama to get sucked into.

The ApprenticeAgain, not necessarily a new show, but definitely one that's been resurrected from the trash bin. NBC let this go a few years ago, opting instead of its spinoff The Celebrity Apprentice, but based off Celeb's success, they're bringing the original back. I hope it can go back to its season 1 days of old-fashioned challenges with crazies like Omarosa and a great winner like Bill Rancic. I'll forget about that Apprentice LA misstep. Also: BRING BACK CAROLYN!

Law & Order: Los Angeles

Though nothing will ever be as good as SVU in my mind, this change of locale could be just what this classic franchise needs (the original L&O was just cancelled). This version will star Jericho's Skeet Ulrich, Spiderman 2 supervillain Alfred Molina, and Crash's Terrence Howard.


Nah, I'm kidding, but really there's not too much to be excited about from ABC's fall slate, as they've got a pretty good schedule as it is. The new show My Generation has an interesting enough premise: the show centers around a group of individuals who were high school seniors in the year 2000 and how their lives have changed in the 10 years since then, but I haven't heard much else about it. Matthew Perry's Mr. Sunshine also looks promising, but does not yet have a premiere date.

What about you? What are you most looking forward to? Did I leave anything off? Am I insane?

Leave your comments here, or on Facebook or Twitter!

And for the latest and greatest scoop on everything TV, my favorite reporter is E!'s Kristin Dos Santos @ WatchWithKristin.


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Friday Night Lights...

This past week, not only did I say goodbye to Austin, Texas and the University of Texas campus I've lived on for the past two years, but I also said goodbye to Panther Stadium, the set of Friday Night Lights.Throughout its five seasons of filming, Friday Night Lights has called Austin home, filming in various recognizable locations around the city. Panther Stadium, located across from Austin-Bergstrom Airport, is one of the key locales. Now that filming for the fifth and final season (airing this fall on DirecTV and next summer on NBC) is finished, I made sure I got a couple snapshots of the field before all the Dillon Panther signage was fully removed (it's rumored that the field will be used by a real high school in the future).
If you've never seen Friday Night Lights, I HIGHLY recommend watching it and starting at the beginning. The DVDs are available incredibly cheaply on and you can even stream the pilot episode for free on Amazon On Demand, which is sure to get you hooked.


PS: While watching an episode last night, I noticed Tami and Eric (the amazing and Emmy nominated Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler) drove by my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant in Austin (and that says a lot), La Feria. It's on South Lamar, and I HIGHLY recommend the Fajita a la Mexicana if you're ever in Austin. Wow.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jane Austen's Fight Club

I never saw the real Fight Club, but I bet this one's funnier.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Brother 12: Most Annoying Season Ever?

We're only two weeks into this season of my favorite reality show to deny that I watch, CBS's Big Brother, and I already feel ready to flip the switch.

Is it just me or is this not the most annoying cast ever to fill the Big Brother house? Now, don't get me wrong, I understand the general purpose of the show is to put 13 of the most terrible, attention-seeking, self-centered people in the world in one house for 60 days and see what happens, but I don't ever remember it being this bad.

In seasons past I've grown to love those people. Like in BB6 with Janelle, Kaysar, and Howie, or BB11 with Jeff and Jordan. But this year I'm embarrassed to be on anyone's side.This season it appears that Brendon and Rachel are attempting to be Jeff & Jordan 2.0, but their showmance happened so quickly to be believed as genuine, and it immediately put a giant target on their backs for everyone in the house to aim at. Also, these two tout their chemistry and science degrees to prove their intelligence, yet both continue to make dumb moves when it comes to BB game play.

(As I type this, I'm ashamed that I care this much.)

But despite my not-liking Brendon and Rachel, they are the two in this house I like the MOST.

The rest are just pretty terrible. "The Brigade" is an attempt at an Italian-style mafia group led by Enzo, or as he prefers to be called "The Meow Meow." And, really, there's nothing else to say about that. Then there's Hayden, who, and I'm not a Big Brother historian here, I'm pretty sure is the LOUDEST houseguest ever to exist. He is SO LOUD during his confessionals. Is he hard of hearing? Are they telling him to shout?

Turn his mic down, good grief.

Oh, and Annie being the saboteur and getting voted out on the first week was an #epicfail, which is too bad. That could've been fun.

So anyway, I could talk about the rest of them (Britney has no reason to be as bitter and unlikable as she is after only being there 2 weeks), but I don't care that much. I'll give it another week or two and see where we are.

Do yall like any of the contestants?

Who are your favorite contestants of years past?

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Angry Birds Tutorials

So if you're like me and have an iPhone, you're PROBABLY addicted to the game, Angry Birds.

The levels can be pretty tough, so I decided to started making video tutorials to help others save some time (and sanity).

Here are the first two for levels:

Level 4-5:

Level 3-6:

Enjoy! And GOOD LUCK!


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Thursday, July 8, 2010

FINALLY - Connie Britton Nominated for Emmy

Friday Night Lights's Connie Britton finally got the recognition she deserves for her insanely realistic portrayal of a small town Texas mom/high school principal.

Connie, I love you, and let's do lunch in Austin some time.


Also nominated: Kyle Chandler. Woohoo!!


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Friday, July 2, 2010

New York City/Meeting Michael Buckley

I recently got to take an awesome trip to New York City/Connecticut and visit a good friend/incredibly famous YouTuber, Michael Buckley, from YouTube's What the Buck Show.

These are the two videos chronicling my trip:


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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to Not Hold the iPhone 4

Apple recently told a customer who was concerned about his brand new iPhone 4 losing reception when he held it in his left hand to, "Just avoid holding it that way."

"That way" is when your hand touches both sides of the antenna strip in the side of the phone. And in case you were wondering what that looks like, look no further than Apple's iPhone 4 FaceTime commercial, where nearly every cast member holds the phone "that way."


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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Savage the Dog Sings Spongebob

I was visiting a friend's house this week when I met Savage the dog and discovered that he had a special talent for singing the theme song to Spongebob Squarepants!

Savage is a Bouvier.

He has never had vocal lessons.
Send record deal inquiries

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Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Called a Vuvuzela

That annoying hum numbing your brain while you watch the World Cup isn't the sound of a swarm of killer bees, it's 90,000 people breathing through these annoying plastic horns called "vuvuzelas."

They are apparently a long time South African tradition, but goodness me, they are as irritating as 90,000 mosquitos buzzing in your ear.

To learn more, watch the video below.

And to hear more, just turn on any game at the World Cup.


(PS: I kinda want one...)

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh My Glee... Thoughts on the season finale

"We didn't even place," Artie laments during last night's season one finale of the FOX hit, Glee, after the team loses at the glee club regional contest. To which my immediate reaction was:

"Of course you didn't place. You NEVER rehearsed."

So is my main gripe with the television show said to spark the fire in America's youth to pursue the arts.

(And before I get the inevitable defenses from the diehard Gleeks, I acknowledge and understand that this is a show not fully based in reality and that it's more about having a good time with music than it is about accurately portraying lives of American high schoolers. Also, I generally enjoy the show so just hear me out.)

I just had a hard time watching this group of kids feel sorry for themselves about losing a contest they didn't really work for.

Here's the deal kids: when you DO practice, you look like Vocal Adrenaline with great music and sick (in a good way) choreography. When you don't practice, and instead spend the entire year pointlessly performing countless songs that you'll never sing again, you end up huddling around Artie in his wheelchair and clapping.Just look at Sue Sylvester's multi-award winning cheer leaders. Any episode we see them in, what are they typically doing? Rehearsing.

But the glee club on the other hand always just seems to magically pull numbers out of thin air complete with stage blocking, CD quality vocals, and new costumes. The only real issue the group faced this year was when Rachel came down with a case of "laryngitis." Not the kind of laryngitis that takes away your voice, but the kind that just makes you sing wrong notes to Miley Cyrus songs.

There were no late nights in the auditorium perfecting choreography, no hectic fundraisers to find a way to pay for costumes, and no dress rehearsals for the contest that the entire spring semester was dedicated to preparing for.

I wanted to pull for them, but I almost had no reason to (besides the fantastic song selection).

Here's to hoping Sue Sylvester becomes a for real co-director next year and that she breaks out that megaphone and whips those kids into shape, Cheerio style.

Besides that matter, I really enjoyed the music last night. "Any Way You Want It" reminded me of freshman year of high school performing that with my glee club, the Showboaters. Memories. Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff's vocals were spot on and the rest of the cast had definitely improved over the course of the year (woo, Santana!).

I'm glad Glee's been renewed (for two more seasons already), and I'm eager to see what they do next.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Problem with "Parenthood"

I like the show, but I can't stand most of the characters! The only cast members that I enjoy seeing on screen are Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, and Mae Whitman. Unfortunately, as this is a show about a huge family, there are nearly 1 million other cast members to deal with.

The premise of the show is appealing. After all, I've enjoyed watching the drama in the huge Walker family unfold for the past few years on ABC's Brothers and Sisters. But what Parenthood doesn't seem to understand is that you can be flawed and dramatic and still likable.The patriarch and matriarch of the family played by Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia are not only flawed, they're annoying. They could stand to take a few lessons from the Sally Field School of Endearing Angry Acting. These characters, who are supposed to be foundation of the family, and the show, are the ones who make it uncomfortable to watch. The rest of the family is fine, but characters like Erika Christensen's Julia and Sarah Ramos's Haddie are so emotionally hard that it's difficult to like them.

I hope that in its second season, the writers work to make these characters into real people you want to succeed rather than people you don't care to see failing.
PS: I have to give the "I Thought I'd Hate You But You Turned Out Alright" award to Dax Shepard for stepping up and being great in the show when I completely expected him not to be.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Losing It With Jillian Michaels

The show is called "Losing It" in reference to the people's loss of weight (and baggage), but let me just say: its other meaning is that you, the viewer, will also lose it emotionally.

I watched the first episode featuring the Mastropietro family, and GOOD GRIEF! Tears I didn't know existed in my body flowed down my cheeks as they spilled their emotional baggage that led them to become as unhealthy as they were. I was very surprised to be so pulled into the episode, as tears are rare on my face and are usually only reserved for shows or movies with scenes depicting unfortunate circumstances involving dogs.

Jillian has one week to do a complete 180 change in a family's lifestyle. This means the hour's time is split among exercise, emotional, and nourishment needs. At times it may seem the family changes too quickly to believe, but you have to consider that editing a week's worth of footage into 40 minutes makes it impossible to see all that happens. Besides, they build entire mansions in one week on Extreme Makeover, so who says a little diet and exercise isn't doable? Plus, we get to see Jillian's trademark rage monster unleashed on several occasions, making the time watching the show well worth it, regardless of how it turns out.Sure, the premise is cheesy: "Dad only has 6 weeks to slim down and fit in his tux for the wedding, can he do it???" ...6 weeks later... "He did it!" But that's what feel-good reality television is all about. Cheese. And tears. And more cheese.

This show won't give you specific diet plans or exercise regimens (Jill probably wants you to go to for that), but it will inspire you to work harder on whatever it is you are doing, and it will prrrrobably make you shed a tear.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LOST Series Finale Recap Video

I've had a blast filming live reaction and recap videos for this final season of LOST.

My friend Allison and I put together a fun pre-finale special where we talk about our favorite episodes of the series, flash into a sideways universe as Jack and Kate, and present our favorite moments of the season in music video form to "Lost in the Moment," by Oh, Hush!
For the series finale, we were invited to Kristin Dos Santos's party at the E! studios in Hollywood, and we had an awesome trip, which we recapped in our finale video.

Thanks for watching with us this season and make sure you're subscribed on YouTube and Twitter for more fun!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LOST 6.15 Across the Sea - Live Reaction/Recap Video

This is the video recap for LOST season 6 episode 15, "Across the Sea," which aired May 11, 2010 on ABC. My friend Allison joined me to summarize the night's events and share our personal reactions to the show as it aired.

WARNING: Video contains Spoilers if you have not yet seen this episode!

Tonight's episode focused on the back story of Jacob and the Man in Black/smoke monster. It guest starred Allison Janney as their mother, and there was a LOT of information to take in. Watch the video for the whole rundown and our reactions...

SHARE your theories in the comments section and tell me your thoughts at

Thanks for watching, and subscribe for more videos and a new LOST recap every week!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOST 6.14 The Candidate - Live Reaction/Recap Video

This is the video recap for LOST season 6 episode 14, “The Candidate,” which aired May 4, 2010 on ABC. My friend Allison joined me to summarize the night’s events and share our personal reactions to the show as it aired.

WARNING: Video contains spoilers if you have not yet seen this episode!

This episode was absolutely bonkers. There was death all over the place.
Watch the video for the whole rundown and our full, extremely emotional reactions…

SHARE your theories in the comments section and tell me your thoughts at

Thanks for watching, and subscribe for more videos and a new LOST recap every week!

All of my videos can be found at

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cougar Town Quotes "Letting You Go" 4/28/10

Cougar Town is quickly becoming one of the most reliable comedies on TV right now. It is consistently funny week to week and every episode is full of hilarious quotes. In fact, for this episode, it may have been just as effective to post the entire script because everything was funny.

But here are my favorite quotes from episode 1.21 "Letting You Go," which aired Wednesday, April 28 on ABC.
Laurie: My boyfriend, Smith finished law school. He comes home today!
: Wow, that is so... Jules, what's the word for "who cares?"

Jules: (looking at a glass with leftover win
e) You know what? I'm gonna drink it.
Grayson: It's 8am on a Saturday.
Jules: So? This is just like a mimosa! Except for it's got wine instead of champagne and no orange juice.

Laurie: That sounds delicious!

Jules: Mmm! Wine in the morning on weekends. Let's all think about it people!

Laurie and Smith are making out:

Laurie: I forgot how
smooth your teeth are!
Roger (Smith's dad): I'm glad you're home too, son. Forgive me if I don't eat your face.
Laurie: I'm sorry. I have a rule that every kiss must last at least three seconds. It's what the Obamas do.

After Smith accepts Roger's invitation to golf:
Roger: Well thank you. I know you'd prefer to spend your time letting her try to trick a baby out of you.
Smith: Dad, please...
Laurie: I'm
allergic to latex and birth control pills!

After Travis receives a college rejection letter:
Jules: How you holding up there, honey?

Travis: It doesn't feel great to get turned down by a school with four grammatical errors in their rejection letter.
Bobby: You know, I got into that school.

Travis: Cool, kill me.

Laurie: You see that guy over there? (Ju
les looks) Jules! Don't look right at him! (Jules looks again) I said don't look!
Jules: When I hear "don't look," I can't help but look! It's my most specific reflex.

After Travis gets accepted to two schools: Ellie: Wow! So it's either college 20 minutes away in Sarasota, or 20 hours away in California. Which one do YOU want him to go to?
Jules: Doesn't really matter what I want. It's his choice!

Travis: The weather is so good in California!

les: Ya, it also has earthquakes, and uhh, race riots. So you know, everybody just CALM DOWN!
Ellie: And there it is.

Jules tricks Travis into coming downstairs by pretending to be hurt:
Jules: Travis, help! I'm hurt!
Travis: Ya, I'm not falling for that again.
Jules: I'm serious this time! I've twisted my ankle. It might be broken!
Travis: (runs downstairs) Oh no, what?
Ellie and Bobby: SUCKA!

Travis: Great job, adults.

Jules: I just wanted to talk to you. How are you gonna decide between these two colleges? I mean, one is known as the jewel of central southwest Florida, and the other one's i
n a state where people lean out of their car windows and shoot you in the face.

Jules and Travis hug:

Travis: Let's not get weird.

Jules: If I could, I'd have them trim me down, so small... That I could (whispers) live in your blood!

Laurie: But drama is such a turnon! It makes my lady parts beep.
Jules: Would you rather be with someone emotionally stable or someone who, at game night, carves "die bitch" on the kitchen table because you think he sucks at Jenga?

Laurie: There are positives and negatives to both.

Jules: There really aren
Laurie: I know. And, honey, I am sorry about your table.

Jules: That's OK. I added a T so now it says "diet bitch." So actually it's really helpful!

Jules is watching Travis sleep in his bedroom: Travis: Are you watching me sleep?
Jules: You don't usually wake up.

Travis: You've done this before?


Jules whispering to Ellie and Laurie in Travis's room: Leah, Joel, Alexis... That's only 7. Come on, we've gotta be able to figure out all 8 Gosselin kids.

Laurie: Jon?

Ellie: No, he's the creepy, disgusting, wants to be famous father...
Jules: OH! Collin!

Travis: Are you watching me sleep again?

Jules: When I squint, you look just like your sonogram picture!

Travis: Memories!

And the song at the end of the episode was "Something Beautiful" by NEEDTOBREATHE.

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I've Seen [Most of] Toy Story 3! (no spoilers)


Last night I got to see the first 65 minutes of the third film in the Toy Story trilogy, and I was beside myself with excitement. It's been more than 10 years since Toy Story 2, arguably one of Pixar's finest films (even though they're all incredible), was released, but the gang is all back together in this extremely hilarious, and presumably final, take on the toys' story.

When I say it's hilarious, I mean it was really really funny. The movie is chock full of lines for adults (that kids will still laugh at even though they don't really get them), and the addition of many new characters adds a new life and humor to the story. Like I said, I won't spoil anything, but the character voiced by Michael Keaton (which you can see here if you want), really steals some spotlight in this one.

After the screening, I tweeted the following:Which was then retweeted by the director of Toy Story 3, Lee Unkrich:Which I thought was pretty freaking awesome!

But it really was epic beyond all epic and an action-packed Mission Impossible-like adventure (Woody is Tom Cruise in this one) that people will love.

It was especially special for me because I grew up with Toy Story. The first film was released when I was 8 years old, and even though I'm 22 now, this movie made me feel like I was just a little kid again.

OK I'm done gushing about it.

Oh, and I should mention that they raffled off a Buzz Lightyear toy just like the one in the films (spaceship box and all), and I did NOT win. Needless to say: I was pretty bummed, and it will take a while to get over it, but in time I will.

In time, I will.

The full film (which is being finished today, per @LeeUnkrich's tweet) is in theaters June 18 in Disney Digital 3D (and 2D)!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol Shania Twain Week - My Take

Well there wasn't a new episode of LOST this week so I thought I'd tackle that "other" show on TV Tuesday nights, American Idol. This week's theme is Shania Twain music and I contribute my own medley of Shania songs, and I sing the HECK out of it if I say so myself.

But you be the judge.


Songs included:

  • Up
  • Don't Be Stupid
  • Forever and For Always
  • Rock This Country
  • I'm Gonna Getcha Good

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Definitive List of Classic Movies I've Never Seen

Over the past 22 years of my life I have seen many, MANY movies. I couldn't begin to try to count them all. But it has come to my attention that while I may have seen a great number of movies, I have NOT viewed a number of classic films, which I should have seen, "if you are a human being," according to many of my friends.

In order to retain my status as a true "human being," I decided that I should set out to view these films. So I've made a list of the classic movies I've never seen, and I invite you to share your thoughts on them.

Back to the Future:Yes, it's hard to believe, but I've never seen this Michael J. Fox classic or any of its sequels. I would like to think that I have a pass on this one since it came out two years before my birth (1985), but still, given that it's an all-time favorite of many of my friends, it goes to the top of my must-see list.

The Sound of Music:It came as a shock to many of my musical friends when I mistakenly mumbled during conversation concerning The Sound of Music, "Oh... Ya, never saw that." The silence and tension that followed was palpable. I feel like I should see this movie, but it's nearly 3 hours long! I'm not sure I can handle that much "do a deer"ing.

Bambi:I think I never saw this one cuz my sister was scared of it when she saw it, and as a result, I never got to see it either. Alice in Wonderland and Old Yeller fall into the same boat. As a pretty big fan of Disney movies, the not-seeing of these films probably causes the most cognitive dissonance in me.

The Princess Bride:Don't know much about this movie other than that everyone I've ever known has referenced it at least once in conversation. Also never seen Ghostbusters.

Braveheart: My brother practically won't talk to me since I've never seen this, one of his favorite movies. I've also never seen Last of the Mohicans, which for the longest time I thought was the same movie as Braveheart. Whoops. Similarly, haven't seen Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, or Schindler's List.

Terminator:Or any of the Terminator movies, for that matter.

The Silence of the Lambs:
I've never been one for really scary movies. I mean, the scariest movies I've ever seen are The 6th Sense and What Lies Beneath, which is why I haven't seen this or another classic, Psycho. I did see Paranormal Activity, however, and that was more laughable than scary, IMO.

Rudy:I know, I know, I'm practically not even American anymore. I've never seen this OR the classic Field of Dreams, but I have seen Remember the Titans and Angels in the Outfield, so that's basically the same, right?

So this, I believe, accounts for the most classic movies that I've never seen.

What do you think? Am I out of my mind? Have you seen all of these?

Should I skip any? (I finally watched A Christmas Story for the first time this year and it was a total snooze.)

Lemme know in the comments and at

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