Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 Weeks with My Brother - Nicholas Sparks

I just finished reading "3 Weeks with My Brother," a memoir written by popular author, Nicholas Sparks. I'd never read any of Sparks's books (such as The Notebook or A Walk To Remember), mostly because those books are for chicks, yo! But I'd certainly heard of him and was interested in reading about how he became the successful author/screenwriter he is today.

3 Weeks chronicles a trip around the world he took with his older brother Micah. Scattered among descriptions of the countries and monuments they visited are flashbacks through Sparks's life, offering great detail into who he is. The Sparks family was plagued with tragic circumstances throughout his life, and Nicholas details his dealings with those situations and how his relationship with his brother grew because of them.

Sparks is known for his great ability to draw readers into his stories, and because 3 Weeks is the telling of his own story, I was quickly engaged. The book offers a great deal of insight into the inspiration for a lot of Sparks's writing (like the story behind A Walk To Remember), and is a great read for anyone, Sparks fan or not.

So check it out!

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