Friday, January 8, 2010

Amazon Mp3 $5 Albums Holla Back!

So I'm not sure people know this, but Amazon Mp3 (their version of iTunes) has ridiculously good prices on full album downloads!

I just got Phil Wickam's new CD "Heaven & Earth" for $5 ($9.99 on iTunes). And the site has TONS of other great albums for only $5 too, like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga "The Fame," Radiohead (there's a $1.99 Radiohead album!), Coldplay, Norah Jones, Joshua Radin, Rihanna, Fergie (if you're into that)... The list goes on and on.These downloads are just as good quality as iTunes downloads and go directly into your iTunes program to work with your iPhone, iPod, or whatever you have to play them.

SO- moral of the story: check it out on Amazon Mp3 first before you waste $10 on iTunes.

Here's the link to Amazon Mp3 $5 album page!

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