Wednesday, January 27, 2010

American Idol Dallas Auditions 2010

The Dallas, TX auditions for American Idol air(ed) January 27, 2010 on FOX, and here's a behind-the-scenes look at the first round auditions that were held at Dallas Cowboys Stadium in July 2009.
The video pretty much sums up everything from round 1.

The one thing I didn't include was that throughout the day, PAs would occasionally bring out small groups of very well dressed and trendy-looking young people and place them throughout the crowd. Camera crews then filmed them "waiting" to audition with the rest of us.

This struck me as a little odd. Whether they were people who had indeed already waited and auditioned or people who had not waited at all, it still made obvious how many portions of the show are staged for the camera.

Over the next few months, more audition rounds were held at the W hotel in Dallas.

(I had to cut out the name in the sign)
I was lucky to attend the final Dallas round to support a friend as they auditioned for Simon, Randy, Kara, and guest judge Joe Jonas. After arriving (as instructed) at 8am, we waited in the hotel while Idol filmed interviews with many of the contestants. The judges were not even scheduled to arrive until 1:30-2 in the afternoon. I noticed that none of the contestants seemed of the "odd" persuasion, which made me think they had scheduled the "good" and "bad" auditions on separate days so as not to tip people off.

This is video of me singing with my friend Maegan Wright, who was featured on the Dallas audition episode of American Idol and got a ticket to Hollywood.

One thing I found really interesting was that before auditions began, a producer (Ron from the video) talked with everybody and instructed the singers to not be afraid to talk back to the judges if they disagreed and even if Simon said to stop singing, to keep on singing or sing another song if you felt you weren't given a fair chance.

This may explain why all those "crazy" people on the show continue to sing even when they aren't asked to (but they end up looking like idiots).

The way it worked was that the auditioner would go up stairs (the auditions took place at the Ghost Bar at the top of the W hotel in downtown Dallas), the family would wait by the door, and after the audition was finished and they were headed back down, Ryan Seacrest would join the family for a few seconds before the big "I'm going to Hollywood!" or not moment.

Though I'm not positive, based on the demeanor of the crew, it seemed like most of the time they knew whether or not someone would be going to Hollywood before the audition even occured. There were only a few people that did NOT get golden tickets to Hollywood on this day, which further backed up my assumption that this was the day of good singers.

So all in all it was an interesting experience. I certainly knew that much of the auditions were staged and planned in advance, but it was a little magic-ruining to see it happen right before my eyes.

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Stephanie said...

this was very enlightening. of course I figured many things are staged, but to put pretty people in the lines? That is just so weird! Good luck to your friends!