Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sundae Sunday State Parks!

So this week's Sundae Sunday #50 focused on my dear friend, Candice Woods. Candice is currently in the national tour of Legally Blonde playing the role of Pilar (Elle's best friend).

Candice is so incredibly talented; she was cast in the Broadway production of Hairspray while we were still in high school! I'm so glad to know her, and you will definitely get a kick out of getting to know her in this video.
Coming up next week on Sundae Sunday, you'll get to see a trip I took to two Texas state parks with my friend, Cassie.

Here's a little photo preview of that!

Pedernales Falls:Photobucket

Cassie's Always Wanted to be Like Ariel: Photobucket

We somehow make our way up the enormous Enchanted Rock:Photobucket

That's all coming up this weekend so be sure to check it out at

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