Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets: Where's the Chicken?

The fast food giant that made the phrase "Where's the beef?" famous has some explaining to do when it comes to its chicken nuggets.While I cannot deny the wondrous sensation that fills my mouth when I take a bite out of one of Wendy's new spicy chicken nuggets, I must admit the disappointment that filled my heart (and stomach) today while eating my favorite 99 cent lunch.

I've never been much a fan of Wendy's nuggets in the past, but the new "spicy" take on the old classic quickly won me over. Today, however, I noticed something quite scary about these so-called "nuggets" of chicken.On the outside, they appear plump, full, and begging for consumption. I took a bite of the first, and it was good, but when I looked down again at the half-eaten nugget, what I saw scared me to my inner fast-food-loving core.

The nugget appeared to be hollow.
The wave of disappointment hit me like the large puff of air that comes out of a brand new giant bag of potato chips that's only half-way filled.

I finished that nugget, blowing off my concern in hopes that the next nuggets would improve upon the issue. But I was only disappointed more as I continued to eat. Nugget after nugget revealed large hollow gaps within the battering.It was as if some sort of chicken particle matter was just sprayed into a fried nugget shell.

The experience was still very much like that of eating a real nugget of chicken from say, McDonald's or Chick-fil-a, but in comparison, Wendy's nuggets delivered merely a suggestion of chicken and hardly any real pay-off.

So the moral of this story is: Wendy's "nuggets" are fantastic-- there's no denying that. But if they insist on using this chicken particle filler, maybe the fast food restaurant whose motto is, "You know when it's real," could stand to at least top it off or change the food's name to "spicy chicken particles."


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Unknown said...

Hi Adam, you need a shave. Not a good look for Wendy's (a bit Nixon like). :) Thanks for the blogging always entertaining. Use to love Wendy's when they were in London, alas long gone, but fond memories ov their fantastic burgers