Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST: Beginning of the END

I'm sitting in religion class right now, trying desperately to stay awake. I attempted to go to sleep early last night, getting in bed before 1am, but my body wasn't aware of this change of schedule and didn't allow me to sleep even a wink until at least 2:30. So today has been rough: lying and deception was painful as I tried to hide the fact that I was dozing right in front of the professor's face. I was just praying he didn't see me nod off and ask me if I was having trouble staying awake. You can't so much lie to your lying and deception teacher. It just isn't smart.

So tonight is finally the premiere of the final season of LOST. I still remember getting hooked on this show when it first aired 6 years ago. Though it is easily my favorite TV show ever now, I must admit that after seeing the initial previews, I thought it would be the most ridiculous show ever and canceled after 3 episodes. I was wrong.

I've found that I'm USUALLY wrong when it comes to whether or not a TV show will be good: that same year (2004) I was at Universal Studios Hollywood on a backlot tour when the guide told us to be quiet because we were passing by an active set for a "new TV show on ABC called Desperate Housewives, starring Lois & Clark's Teri Hatcher." It took me no less than 3 seconds to turn to my mom and sister and say, "Well THAT'S clearly going to be terrible."

And six seasons later, here we are.

Oh, this is good: talking about TV is definitely helping me fight off the zzzs.

I don't know what to expect tonight on LOST. I don't WANT to know what to expect. I didn't even crack open my Entertainment Weekly, as it said "warning: contains spoilers!" and I don't do spoilers.

All I know is that I just want questions to be answered. Duh.

And for some reason, the biggest question that comes to mind for me is: WHY was Libby in the insane asylum with Hurley??? Freaking Michael had to shoot her before we ever found out.

So come on, LOST. Don't let me down.
On a different note: this week must be "Rachel McAdams Week" at the University of Texas. Tomorrow night they're showing "Mean Girls" in the Union and the next night is "Time Traveler's Wife." And that is AOK with me.

PS while I'm on the subject of Ms. McAdams, let me just say: good on ya to her for somehow being able to play so many polarly different parts. I couldn't believe Regina George was the same person who played Allie in The Notebook.

Not that I've even seen The Notebook or anything... No, no, I just heard about it from a friend.

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