Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If I Can Dream

Simon Fuller, the creator of American Idol, has just introduced to the world his latest creation, If I Can Dream. IICD is a completely Web-based series from featuring five aspiring performers living in Hollywood.

The show is a mix between Big Brother and American Idol, with a little America's Next Top Model mixed in. Viewers can watch the houseguests 24 hours a day at, switching between the more than 50 cameras installed around the house. But unlike most reality shows, this is not a competition. There aren't any judges, and the stars aren't going to get kicked off.

So who are the dreamers?
There's Amanda, Ben, and Kara, who are all aspiring actors, Giglianne, an aspiring model, and Miley Cyrus's ex, Justin Gaston, an aspiring singer/songwriter.
I just finished watching the first episode, "The Road to Hollywood" special, and I have to say I was shocked to find that I actually kinda liked it.

I was expecting the "dreamers" to all be really annoying and full of themselves but I didn't find them to be that way. Granted, it's only been one thirty minute episode so that could change in a heartbeat, but I'm mildly optimistic.

So check out the first episode here:

And head to to watch the dreamers 24 hours a day...

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